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Version 0.9.0
- New parameter for function 3. You can now format your own way to display time and you can also access "Time Remaining"
- Works with Frodo
- Better Error-Handling (there is a new Parameter where you can disable all error messages and i think I am now catching all exceptions)

Version 0.8.0
- New function 5: Allows you to read InfoBooleans
- New additional detection mode for XBMC. Allows you to use the Plugin if LCDSmartie and XBMC are running on different Clients

Version 0.7.1
- Removed unused configuration options: You can remove the user and pass section from your LCDSmartie.exe.config

Version 0.7.0
- Changed JSON-Protocol to TCP: This means the plugin will run much faster and chances that LCDSmartie will stutter are minimized
Note: You will have to change some settings in your LCDSmartie.exe.config, as TCP uses a different port than HTTP (9090 is default in XBMC)

Version 0.6.0
First Release

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